Saturday, 27 October 2007

Ding dong kong

This one's for you Ziggi - where are you Zigana? Anyway thank you for telling my mum how to use the kong properly and giving her some ideas of things to put in it. Once we had got rid of the silly 'kong' biscuits that just fall out, I'm having much more fun with it. Sometimes it gets filled with bits of carrot, sometimes scrambled egg and last night we tried melted cheese which was sooooo tasty. If anyone has any other good ideas of what to put in it please let me know! (Mum says any type of animal poo is not

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Sheep Herding

This weekend we went off in to the country again. I've begun to realise that going in the car means going somewhere nice so I'm beginning to like it. I'm happy to sit in the back now in my basket and also I have a nice big window to look out of and check where we're going. I'm still car sick though so Mum brings my breakfast with us and I eat it when we get to our destination which seems ok by me. Apparently 'normal' dogs eat their own sick but I don't like doing that, apart from once when I was very young.

On this week's walk there were these things called 'sheep' which I had heard about from Bella. Apparently it is a game where you have to get all the sheep in to their pen.

This seemed pretty simple to me - within a few seconds I had them all running in to their pen but I didn't manage to close the gate which is the sign that you've won. Now why would I want to close the gate so they couldn't get out again??

That all seemed a bit boring so I was really pleased when I found out that next on the list of activities was swimming. I like swimming in rivers - it's much warmer and muddier than the sea. Also the river didn't try and move up the grass towards me before I'm ready, like the sea does.

I did lots of retrieves from the river and Mum says my swimming technique is getting better as I keep my legs below the water now. This was my favourite part of the day and I was quite upset when the humans said we had to go now for lunch at the pub. I put on my best sad face but it didn't work so off to the pub we went.

Time for a quick kip and a chance to catch some rays. I must remember to tell Bella how boring sheep herding is and get her into some proper sports like pointing at flies or water retrieves.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

New Girlfriend

The last few weeks I have been hanging out with a nice black lab called Louby Lou. I think she is my new girlfriend. I get really excited when I see her and we love rolling around together and biting each others ears. Bella is a bit jealous I think especially as she introduced us. Bella goes to school with Louby Lou.

Bella says we keep leaving her out and we 'only have eyes for each other'. I don't know what she means, Bella is still my 'other' girlfriend. Mum says it's not the done thing to have 2 girlfriends but my dad Grant seemed to have plenty so I don't see the problem. I have told Bella she is also still my girlfriend and that Louby Lou is just a friend but she said something about 'the camera never lies'.

Then, later on we met up with mum's friend from work and her Doberman called Echo. She was also nice and I liked taking her for a walk. She said she would drop me a line sometime.

On Sunday we went to the south downs again (cow pate land!) which was great. Mum got us lost so we ended up walking a bit further than we should but it meant I got to eat even more poo than I would have done. We stopped at a pub midway and I got the leftovers of a 'sunday roast' which seemed pretty nice, although not as good as cow pate.

Then on the way home we met a lovely chocolate brown GSP who I had a run around with. She was extremely fast at running so most of the time I just stood still and waited for her to come back to me but here I am running alongside her.