Monday, 26 November 2007

My sister, Bean

Today was possibly the best day of my life so far. I was down on the beach having my normal afternoon walk, when who did we bump into but my litter sister Bean! Mum says she planned it as a surprise for my 6 month birthday.

As soon as we saw each other, we recognised each other. We did none of the polite 'sniff each other's bums first' nonsense - straight into a good ol' rough and tumble. Which lasted over 2 hours.

I tried to get Bean to come into the sea but she hadn't brought her bikini.

The mums tried to get us to sit for a photo but I was having none of it! Here's me telling Bean to stop being so obedient and get back to playing.

Time for a quick drink at the local cafe.

A second attempt at the 'sit' photo but I was too amazed that Bean had some of those Robodog eyes that Hamish had recently. I really must get some of those, they seem to be all the rage lately.

Then before I knew it, it was all over and we had to say goodbye. I loved my afternoon with Bean and really hope to see her again soon. I'm knackered now, but managed to wake up to pose for the camera. Then back to sleep, woof zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Monday, 5 November 2007

New Forest Viz Whiz

This weekend I got to meet lots of other Vizslas again at the New Forest Viz Whiz! There were 11 of us, all different sizes, shapes and ages. There were even 2 other dogs who liked my name so much they thought they would steal it. I don't blame them - it's a cool name.

This is us all lined up. I'm the one doing the best sit, 4th from the right.

This is Charlie blowing raspberries on Ditto's tummy, which she seemed to enjoy. Not half as much as Charlie did though. I don't blame him, Ditto is very pretty but mum says I'm too young for 'that sort of stuff'.

The next day we went to somewhere called Aldridge Hill near Brockenhurst - Charlie you should get your mum to take you there, it was great! Dad seemed to think it was some sort of photo shoot - Redgirls you would have been proud of me.

I'm becoming a bit of an impressionist. This is me doing my Tyrannosaurus rex impression.

This is me being a show jumping horse.

This is me trying to be an autumn leaf.

And this is me doing my blue steel pose.

Finally time for some play with my favourite pink ball - mum you must stop buying me pink things, it's ruining my street cred.

Can you still see it's pink if I hide it in my mouth?