Monday, 30 July 2007

Lazy Sunday

Today was an interesting day for me as I got to experience a typical 'lazy sunday'. I've outgrown my baby carrier already so I now travel in a rucksack. Late morning we went to Mum & Dad's favourite cafe for breakfast and to meet some of their friends. We sat outside and I was very good - having a sit on everyone's laps. I didn't even bat an eyelid (because I was fast asleep by that time) when everyone's full english brekkies came out, even though there were sausages AND bacon on them! I then went home for a nap, then in the afternoon we went to somewhere called a pub and sat in the 'beer garden'. It was a bit different to my garden - there were lots more people and everyone had these huge glasses with a drink in which was the same colour as me. Very wise I say. I wasn't allowed one of these though but instead had a champagne cooler full of water. It's good going out - everyone wants to stop us and say hello and have a cuddle. No-one seems to know what breed I am though - most people think I'm a blood hound, a 'wrong' coloured weimeraner and one guy even had the cheek to ask if I was a red setter! I'm much more intelligent than them!
Mum - are you sure I don't fit in my baby carrier anymore?

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Growing up

I've been doing a lot of growing this week and look much more like a proper dog than a puppy. Mum even thought I'd grown in the time she'd been at work today. (Yeah right mum!!) I'm a bit worried though as one of my legs seems to have grown much longer than the other. I think I'll have to change my name to Tripod...

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

New friend

Yesterday I met a new friend - Bella, a 16 week old border collie. We had lots of fun bouncing and wrestling around the lounge. She was much bigger than me and managed to pin me down quite a lot but I gave as good as I got. Mum says she can come round anytime as for the rest of the evening I was fast asleep! Mum thinks the photo is funny as it looks pornographic but I'm not sure what that means?? I only understand words with 2 syllables....

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Meeting the neighbours

The day after I moved in I met our neighbours. They have a Basset hound called Bonnie and a little girl called Kitty. I am a bit confused by this as apparently there are also 2 'kitties' that live with me but I haven't seen them yet. If they are like her though that is fine as I liked Kitty. She also liked my crate which helped me think that maybe it wasn't that bad after all.

Settling in

I arrived in my new home on Sunday 15 July 2007 after a long and scary car ride home. I was sick 3 times on the way home and howled pretty much all the way but once home it seems nice! I have lots of toys to play with and this is me unpacking my new bed.
Mum bought me lots of new toys from the pet shop but I prefer her toy dog and snails from the garden.