Thursday, 30 August 2007

Cow Pate

I've been a bit busy lately so haven't had a chance to get online. I've been practicing this swimming thing and even went in on my own for the first time today!
I've also experienced a few more new things. At the weekend we went to somewhere called the South Downs. This was a great place - grass and hills for as far as I could see. However, the best bit about it was there was these yummy things to eat dotted all over the place.

Mum said they were called cow pats but I think she means cow pate. It was soooo tasty and would have been great on a bit of toast. Mum must be mad though as she kept trying to stop me eating it. Perhaps she wanted them for herself. I don't know...anyway there were so many of them I managed to sneak in a few mouthfuls. Mmmmm mmmm.

Then we saw this really odd thing where people were getting inside a giant ball and rolling down the hill in it.

How odd - why get in a ball when you could chase it?? One lucky dog was getting to chase the balls. Apparently his owners were inside one of the balls. This was very odd. Perhaps there was something in the cow pate that made me see things. Anyone else ever seen this?

Then the next day I went on a 'picnic' in the park. This seemed to consist of lots of humans sitting on rugs on the grass and eating. No sign of any cow pate today though. I found it all a bit boring and took the opportunity to catch up on some zzzzz's.

Mum this grass is very clean and boring. I want to go back to cow pate land!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Running and swinging

I've developed a new skill. Running. I just want to run everywhere, especially to and from my walks. I know the way to the beach now and also my way back home and I know which house is mine (although sometimes I get confused and think I live next door but hey).
I have also developed a habit of bringing a 'trophy' back from every walk. I've gained a cuttle fish, an apple, bits of plastic, a bit of carpet, paper coffee cups, in fact any bit of rubbish and also the padding from someone's bra which was my favourite.

I've also been hanging out with my neighbour, Bonnie, this weekend. She also likes to run and I chase her up and down the beach. I don't understand it as she has shorter legs than me but can run much faster. This is us playing 'swing your ears'.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

The King

Yesterday Bella and I were busy play fighting down on the beach when all of a sudden a giant 'me' appeared! I couldn't beleive my eyes - I thought I'd been transported back to Leicester to my daddy! He was called Elvis and was about 14 months old. He was very barky and energetic and wanted to play with me and Bella but he was a bit big for us. Bella got a bit scared and ran off with her tail between her legs but after a while she was confident enough to have a little play. I tried to have a play but he was just too big for me! I managed to bark at him a bit though. His owners said he was small for his breed, but he was bigger than my parents. Mum says she hopes I don't get that big. He recommended a puppy training class which I'm gonna go to on Saturday, then he left, so that me and Bella could get back to flirting with each other. Hope to see you again soon Elvis, perhaps when I'm a bit bigger!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

My first walk (and swim)

Well, what can I say. Being 'on the ground' is just the best thing ever. I went to the beach in the morning and met Bella and also a dog that looked like Bella but was brown. We had a good ol' rough and tumble on the beach and I was even allowed off my lead as I was being so well behaved!

Then, my neighbour asked if I wanted to learn to swim. Before I could even say 'wuff please' I was being carried out to sea then, without any briefing or instructions, plonked in it! Brrrr it was quite cold but I swam back to shore and gained my 5 metres swimming badge. Mum said I swam like a true professional.
After all that excitement I was knackered so had a nap on the beach.

Then, in the afternoon we went down to the beach again as Mum wanted me to work on my swimming technique. She must have been kidding - I was so tired I just wanted to relax and work on my tan. Not sure about the pink towel though Mum - can't you get me a blue one?

Then, today it was back down the beach again in the morning (no swimming this time - not before breakfast!) then in the afternoon we went to a 'park' which was a huge open space with interesting things to chase like plastic bags (apparently called 'rubbish'), pigeons (loved them!) and a little pond which was odd...this water looked different to the sea so I didn't recognise it as water and tried to walk on it. This appears to be impossible though - I'll know for next time. Beware - water comes in many different disguises! I'm gonna sleep well tonight - this was my favourite weekend ever!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Summer Evenings

This evening we sat on the beach as it was lovely and warm and sunny. I'm still not allowed on the ground so we all sat on a rug which I tried to tear to pieces. I saw lots of other dogs who were all splashing around in the sea and having soooo much more fun than I was. Apparently I'm allowed 'on the ground' on Friday so I am very excited about that. I cannot wait to get in the sea!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

My new bowl

This is my new bowl for when I'm bigger. I thought I better try it out - it seems to work ok but I can't imagine I'm ever going to be that big am I?? Mind you, if it means I get more food, that's just fine.