Monday, 24 September 2007

Her name was Luca...She was my sister

In the mornings I go to the park with Dad and we see another Vizsla who runs round the park with her Dad. Sometimes she stops to play but not often as I think she and her Dad are pretty serious about this running business. My Dad says he doesn't run with me as I'm not allowed to do much running yet but Mum is not convinced by this story!
Anyway, to cut a long blog short, one day when they stopped to talk and wuff to us, the Dads got chatting. They reckoned we looked really similar and had the same characteristics (errr come on Dad, we're both Vizslas...). However, turned out they weren't so stupid after all and actually we have the same Dad - Galfrid Grant of Gunfield. Luca came from Dorset though (I think Grant gets around a bit) from the Ulurudawn Vizslas. So she's my half sister, living right here in Brighton! This made me like her even more and now when we see each other she always stops for a play.

Although she's very pretty, I don't think she sits very ladylike. I must give her some lessons in 'sit'.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Vizslas are like...buses

I have just had the best weekend ever! We went to stay with mum's parents in Bournemouth and on the Saturday I met up with 8 other Vizslas on a beach called Hengistbury Head. It was almost like being back with my litter mates but they were all different sizes. Radar was the same age as me and we had a good play together. Goulash was only 9 weeks old but she was great fun as well. Best of all I got to meet my half brother Charlie. Here we are playing the Hokey-Cokey. You put your right leg in...

Knees bent, arms stretch rhaa rhaa rhaa...come on Charlie!

Goulash, being a typical girl, was fashionably late and made an entrance to catch every one's attention. The lucky pup arrived in a boat! We all thought this was great and barked and jumped around on the shore to welcome her.

Welcome ashore Goulash!

After all that excitement things got back to normal. The girls (Ditto and Hazel) played whilst the boys (Dexter and Herbie) ...well, I'm not sure what they're doing but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Then, that evening, I got to enjoy a dried bull's penis. Mmmm yummy. I think I have to thank Charlie for this as he recommended them when he met my mum's mum at the meat shop. It was lovely. Mum kept trying to come near me, probably so she could have a taste herself, but I made it perfectly clear that this was mine!

On the Sunday we went to the New Forest with one of mum's friends and their Labrador called Molly. I liked the New Forest. Instead of cow pate there was horse pate which was just as yummy but a bit dry.
I played fetch in a stream which was much nicer than the sea and you could drink the water.

I went in on my own without Mum having to come in with me.

This is me and Molly. She was great and loved to play fetch with her ball, which I kept stealing off her.

What a great weekend - are we going back there again next weekend mum??

Monday, 3 September 2007

School v Hog roast v Girls

Seriously. How on earth do they expect me to concentrate at school when there is a giant hog roast being cooked 30 metres from me. Can you see it - to the left of the house. If that's school dinners then I think I'm gonna like school.

Also there are some nice girls at school that I've got my eye on. There is Roxy the rottwieler and Fleur, a lovely boxer. Here's me during playtime showing Fleur my best side. I think she was impressed.