Sunday, 30 December 2007

My First Christmas

Hi all, sorry I haven't been around for a while. I've been away doing something called 'Christmas'. Christmas is really cool - it means mum and dad stay at home with me all day and we go and stay at Grandma's and eat lots of food and get lots of new toys to play with. The new toys are wrapped up in paper and you have to open them as quick as you can. Here's me with one of my presents.

Yipee, it's one of those tennis balls in the shape of a ring that my friend Lucky has, which I like to steal from him.

Aaaah, aaaah, I can't see......

Blimey, Christmas is tiring sometimes. I love my new scarf though - it's what everyone will be wearing next year, don't you know.

Best of all, I got some of those Robodog eyes I've wanted for ages.

Also at Christmas you get much better food than normal. This is called a 'Christmas dinner' and it's full of yummy things like duck, carrots, potato and gravy. I tell you what, now I know what duck tastes like I'm gonna make more of an effort to catch one.

At Christmas you go for much better walks than normal. The beach near Grandma's house is really weird - the pebbles are really really tiny. They kept going up my nose when I did digging and made me sneeze.

Then we went to a forest which was good for photo shoots. It looks like I'm posing for the camera but really I thought I'd seen a duck. No such luck though.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Happy Christmas

Sometimes I am so thoughtful and considerate, I think I should have been born a girl. Last Friday night mum and dad went out on a christmas do. As a special treat I thought I would make the lounge look all lovely and christmassy for when they got home. The inside of a cushion made a fantastic snow scene although it didn't quite give me enough snow to cover the whole floor. I think it created the desired effect though. When mum and dad got home they loved it. Well...mum did. Dad didn't seem so keen but I think he was really annoyed that he hadn't thought of doing that for mum. I am such a good pet sometimes.