Saturday, 15 November 2008

Tree Vizslas

I've been staying at grandma and grandpa's for a few weeks as mum went to a place called Borneo. She went to see some animals...i can't remember what she called them but I think they must be related to us Vizslas. They have longer, wirey hair and can climb trees. They look a bit like a cross between a human and a Vizsla. Very strange. I think they must be called wire-haired tree Vizslas.

The hair is definitely the same colour and they have 4 legs. The poor things don't have as handsome a face as us English land Vizslas but I reckon the fact they can climb trees makes up for that. Imagine if we could climb trees...I could catch those damn squirrels then.

I reckon this one is waiting for his belly to be rubbed, just like I do. Perhaps mum will get one as a brother or sister for me then I can send it up the trees to catch the squirrels when we're out on a walk together. Anyone else ever heard of this strange species of Vizsla?

Monday, 6 October 2008

Viz Whizz round 2

On Saturday me and my mate Raffy organised another Viz Whizz. This time there was me, Mac, Bud, Raffy, Rubik and Diva. Diva was the only girl and she was only 6 months old. We were all very gentleman-ly with her.

At first I made sure I gave Mac and Bud a good telling off again, for being so handsome. This time I woofed slower as apparently they couldn't understand my southern accent last time. But they still didn't understand me so I just woofed louder.

We ventured carefully in to the water. I'd heard an old trick that if you follow the scent of the bum in front, you won't get lost. Oi, Raffy, get back in line!

While Bud and Raffy had a drink, I paddled out to see what these 'duck' creatures are all about. They seemed pretty boring and none of us were interested in them.

Mac and Raffy were mesmerised by my impression of a carp.

Mac told me there was a lovely tasty fish just below the water but I think really he was just trying to push me in, to get me back for telling him off.

We all REALLY liked Rubik and chased him around all afternoon. Mac liked to play piggy back with him and I kept nuzzling his ears. He tried to scare us off with his robo-dog eyes but that just made us like him even more.

Here we are frolicking with Rubik in the long grass. Diva was trying to round us up like a sheep dog but unfortunately she round us right into Mum so the video ended there! I was very sleepy when I got home and spent all evening dreaming of Rubik.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A walk on the Downs and a week in Dorset

Hi Everyone. Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently. I spent a week in Dorset and ever since have been trying to get Grandpa to help me do my blog. Here's our update, at long last.

Saturday 2nd August
I went for a 10 mile walk along the South Downs Way with Uncle Peter, Grandpa Pimley, and three of Grandpa’s friends who are going to Nepal with him in November. Oh, and two other dogs too, a labrador and a miniature schnauzer. I barked at them quite a bit to begin with, to show them who was boss! Here’s the team photo, and a picture of us setting off into the mist.

We walked from Ditchling Beacon to Devil’s Dyke, where Mum and Dad joined us, and then walked on to Upper Beeding. The first bit is my favourite walk, and I was able to show everyone the big lake and the doggy dip pool. Here’s another couple of pictures from the walk.

After the walk Grandpa told me they had their caravan close by, and asked me if I’d like to stay with them there tonight, and then go back to Dorset with them tomorrow and stay for a week. Cor, wouldn’t I just! As you can see in the picture, at the caravan I soon settled down on their comfy cushions with a cup of coffee and tot of whisky! At bedtime though, I was relegated to the back of their car, as it is only a 2 berth caravan.

Sunday 3rd August.
I went back with G+G to their house in West Moors. To begin with it felt odd, being in the back of their car with the caravan behind. It felt like some lunatic HGV driver was about to run us down, but I soon got used to it, and settled down to sleep.

Monday 4th August
Grandpa and I went to visit a couple of his folk club chums. That was good fun. In their garden I found a seagull’s skull, and picked it up and pranced round the garden playing “Yah-boo, can’t catch me”, much to his friends’ amusement. It’s just as well I didn’t damage it though. Apparently it’s their pride and joy. Hmm, funny lot, you humans.

Tuesday 5th August
It was very wet in the morning. Grandpa took me for walk in the afternoon on a place called Ferndown Common, near where they live. He thought that was a good place to go, because the soil is fairly sandy and drains well, and so isn’t muddy. I thought it was a boring place to go, for the very same reason!

Wednesday 6th August.
Today Gran was at home and we went for a walk at Linford Bottom, where we’ve been before. This was more like it. Lots of muddy puddles here to splash around in! And a river to get clean in, afterwards, before getting back into the car, so everyone was happy.

Thursday 7th August.
Grandpa and I collected Gran from work at 3.30 and went to Hengistbury Head. Here’s a pic of Gran and me on the beach, and a pic of Grandpa trying to teach me to skim stones. Apparently even HIS Mum, who is 86, still likes to skim stones.

Friday 8th August.
Went to HH again, with Grandpa. He took his beach tent, and while he sat in his tent eating his lunch, I ran around digging big holes and flicking sand everywhere. We had a swim, and while we were swimming two men came along with two labradors. The men were throwing pretend dead pigeons into the sea for the dogs to retrieve. I wanted to join in and see if I could get to the pigeons first, but Grandpa said I ought not to, because the dogs were being trained. Huh, fancy having to be trained to fetch things back! What sort of dumb dogs were they!

In the evening I had a pleasant surprise when Mum turned up. Here’s a pic of me letting her share a bit of G+G’s sofa. I’m good that way.

Saturday 9th August.
We (Mum, Grandpa and I) went HH yet again this morning. This time, though, we met up with my half brother, Charlie, and his friend Radar. We did lots of macho barking at each other when we met. The weather today was wet and windy, but that didn’t stop us all having a good time. Here's a picture of Radar's Dad, John, throwing a stick for us, and a couple of videos.

This afternoon I came dashing down the stairs, with Mum in hot pursuit. No wonder, I’d pinched a £5 note off her bed, and was running round with it in my mouth. Ha ha! I teased them for a while, then let them have it back.

Finally, here's a video of me greeting Gran in the morning, and then lying on her bed cleaning my bum. If you look carefully you'll see that at one point it looks like she's scratching my testicles!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Mini Viz Whiz

Last saturday me and Raffy organised a mini viz whiz near Raffy's home. There were 5 of us, from left to right: Rosie, me, Mac, Bud and Raffy. Mac and Bud are brothers and were from Scotland but now live in Surrey.

We weren't allowed in the big lake as there were things called 'endangered dragonflies' in there but the nice park rangers had made a 'doggy dip pool' for us to swim in. Raffy's swimming had come on really well since we last met. We had lots of fun swimming but recently I've become a bit obsessed by 'apple bobbing' with my ball. It's cool coz you can splash around lots and get nice
and muddy.

Mum thought Mac and Bud were really nice dogs so I had to tell them off and make sure everyone knew I was the boss.

Then, a black labrador had the cheek to try and join in our viz whizz so we had to chase him off.

We all enjoyed our day and mum says we can do another one soon.

On another note, mum met someone the other day that said that once you own a vizsla you never have to go to the toilet on your own again. Mum thought this was funny but i don't know why. She's always there when I go to the toilet so I'm only returning the favour, don't you think?

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Summer fun

Hi all, sorry I haven't been around for a while. Mum keeps forgetting to take the camera out on our walks. She took it today though and we've been meaning to get these shots for a while now. Up on the Downs, on my favourite walk, a nice farmer has grown some cool plants for me to run and bounce through. I LOVE it!

They're almost as tall as me so I can hide from mum. I have to keep popping up though otherwise I get lost. Where's she gone...?

Mum throws stones from the path into the field and I love bouncing around chasing them.

I'm thinking of changing my name to Tigger. Wee-heeeeee.

Or Dumbo...

You have to be careful the spikey bits don't go up your nose. A big sneeze afterwards should sort that out. I'm knackered now!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my first birthday! Mum says she can't believe I am a year old. I've heard the saying 'time flies when you're having fun' so I think she must mean the same thing. I've done a lot since I was born: been to school, made lots of friends, made a few enemies, learnt to swim and done some work for charity.

I've been reminiscing about my first year and looking back through some old photos and I've noticed something is not quite right. Can you spot the difference in these 2 photos?

The answer is a) My bowl has shrunk or b) My bowl has shrunk A LOT!

Perhaps Mum will buy me a bigger bowl for my birthday.

Happy birthday to the rest of my litter mates.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

I do a Sponsored Walk with Grandpa!

What a really lucky dog I am sometimes! Just over a week ago (on Thu 8th May) Mum and Dad went to Majorca for a short holiday, and had 5 days of continuous rain. I, meantime, went to Gran’s in Dorset, and had 5 days of wall-to-wall sunshine, with lots of long walks and swimming, and games of Chase-Grandpa-Up-and-Down-the-Stairs. This is a picture of me waking Grannie up in the morning and showing her my favourite toy, and below is a picture of me ripping up an old sponge :-).

On Sunday the 11th Gramps and I did a 16 mile sponsored walk, from Hengistbury Head to Swanage. This was for something called Water Aid, which provides fresh drinking water for people in Africa, so that they don’t have to drink water from muddy puddles and rivers. Odd, that! I actually much prefer to drink from muddy puddles and rivers. Much nicer than chlorine flavoured tap water! You humans have funny ideas, sometimes :-). Here’s a picture of me checking he’s got his laces tied properly.

Here's a pictue of us setting off, just after 10am. We walked along the promenade to Sandbanks, 10 miles away. I was supposed to be on the lead really, but I’m so well behaved these days that Gramps let me stay off the lead most of the way :-). It was a gloriously sunny day and at Bournemouth Pier the beach was heaving with people, and I thought of poor Mum and Dad in the pouring rain in Majorca :-(.
We reached Sandbanks at 1pm, and went on the ferry across to Shell Bay. That was exciting. I don’t think I’ve been on a ferry before. We walked for another half hour or so and then stopped for lunch on Studland Beach. There were loads of people there with nothing on. Grandpa went into the sea in the nude, but I was much more modest and kept my collar on! After our swim we sat at the back of the beach and I did some digging, thereby making sure there was plenty of sand in Grandpa’s sandwich!

Grandpa had set himself a challenge to be in Swanage before 4pm, and we actually ended up jogging most of the last mile or so to achieve this. He’s mad! Phew, I was glad to reach the finish and have a well earned rest.

On Monday I thought Grandpa might be tired, and stiff legged from our walk, but no, he was raring to go out again, so in the afternoon we went for a lovely 3 hour walk in the Christchurch Harbour and Hengistbury Head area. This is me posing by the River Stour at Tuckton, and, below, a video of me swimming further downstream, in the harbour.

Near the beach huts at Hengistbury Head we bumped into my vizsla friend Goulash, and she and I had a little game, and dopey Grandpa forgot to take a photo of us! After that he went into the sea for a swim and I did some more sandblasting of his rucksack and clothes. On the way back to the car I jumped into a really muddy ditch for a drink of nice muddy water, and got covered in mud, so I had to go back into the river to get cleaned up again. What a lovely day!

Mum and Dad came back from Majorca the following day, and we had a bbq in G&G's garden. Here’s a picture of Grandpa and me in the garden. After the bbq Mum, Dad and I went home. Mum and Dad went out to a concert in the evening. They felt a bit bad about leaving me on my own, but actually, I was quite glad. I was exhausted after my long weekend, and was looking forward to a quiet evening in!

Monday, 5 May 2008

Ruffy and Rafus

Today I had a great day. Mum arranged to meet another Vizsla and we went on my favourite walk with him. He is called Raffy and he is also from Gunfield Vizslas. He is only 5 months old but was nearly as big as me.

I like being with another Vizsla coz it means mum and dad get confused about which one I am and I can get up to mischief for a bit longer than normal before they realise what's happening. All the humans kept getting us mixed up, then even started calling us 'Rafus' and 'Ruffy'.

Mum had told me beforehand that Raffy had never been swimming before and that I had to teach him to swim in my favourite pond. He was a quick learner and was not scared of the water at all.

At first he swam like I used to - with his front legs in the air and making lots of splashing. But then he got better and kept his legs below the water.

Is this better Rufus?

We were so busy concentrating on swimming that we both forgot how to fetch, so Raffy's human brother, Taylor, had to go in the pond and fetch the orange frisbee for us. He also kept his front legs above the water but didn't make so much splashing as Raffy did.

Then, Raffy returned the teaching favour by teaching me how to roll in poo properly. I love rolling in poo but normally just roll in small bits. Raffy showed me a whole new level of poo rolling by launching himself into a lovely squidgy cow pat that was nearly as big as him. As it was really warm today, the poo was lovely and smelly.

This is Raffy telling me how good we now smell. Look at what a poo rolling master he is - it's ALL over his back and legs.

Then we showed the holiday trippers how good we smelt by running over and rubbing ourselves against them. I think the guy on the end's thinking "Mmmm those dogs smell goooood".

I loved my day with Raffy and we got on well, teaching each other stuff and having fun. Hope to see you again soon Raffy!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Don't eat yellow snow

Today I got to experience some Hungarian weather. It's very confusing because a couple of days ago, Mum was telling me that it was now summer and that it would be lovely and warm. Turns out she was lying as today it was so cold I had to wear my scarf and there was this strange stuff on the ground called snow. Where has the beach gone?

Everyone was building these things called 'snowmen' and all the dogs were helping by giving the snowmen yellow trousers. Here I am helping to make a 'snowman'. I wasn't allowed to post the photo of me giving him yellow trousers.

Also I have a new friend. She is called Zeab (pronounced Zee-buh) which means 'beautiful' in Persian. She has the same dad as Hamish and the same Mum as Ziggi. Mum thinks she's gorgeous and I must admit I quite like her as well. We had great fun playing in the snow together today.

I did have to tell her off at one point though as she tried to nick my snowball.

I like the snow. Dad never normally plays like this with me. I think the snow made everyone a bit mad! My friend Murdoch comes along at the end of this video. He is used to snow as he is a mountain dog. I was so tired after playing in the snow today, I'm off to bed now. I hope it snows again tomorrow.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

A Holiday In Dorset

I had a superb week’s hols with Mum’s parents in West Moors in Dorset the week before Easter, while Mum and Dad went off on holiday to do something called skiing and snowboarding. Uncle Peter went too, which is why he couldn’t look after me. The week went as follows.

Fri 14th – Grannie and Grampa arrived at our house late in the afternoon, and immediately came for a walk on the lawns with Mum and me.

Sat 15th – Grampa got up early and took Mum, Dad and Uncle Peter to a place called Gatport Airwick, where they’re going to do their skiing, so Gran had to take me for my morning walk. When Grampa got back she complained that I tug too much, and will have to be taught to do something called “walking to heel”. Hmm, wonder what that’s all about.
In the afternoon we watched some rugby on the tv. Grampa got very excited when Scotland scored. Then we went round to Mum and Dad’s friend Sue’s, where G&G spent ages looking at photos of somewhere called Nip All, and I pranced around chasing shadows on the wall. Then we came back and watched yet more rugby on tv, and this time Gramps got very excited when Wales scored.

Sun 16th – It was pouring with rain first thing, but Grampa still walked me to the far end of the lawns and back. That’s about 1½ miles. Hmm, I’m not sure whether this holiday is going to be a big adventure or a boot camp! After breakfast they put my basket in the back of their car and me in with it. I had to share the back with their suitcases and stuff, but there was STILL more room than in Dad’s car. Grampa must be very rich to have such a big car, or maybe he’s a furniture remover. Soon after we arrived at their house we went out for a walk again, to a place called Avon Heath Country Park. I was let off the lead most of the time, but put back on it while we walked past some young cows. One of them came up very close, and I was a bit scared, so I barked at it to make it think I wasn’t. Oh, and I also had a good bark at a big fierce looking Alsatian, which was quite safe as he was inside a big fenced garden .

Mon 17th – Grannie went to work, but Grampa’s got the whole week off, to play with me. After lunch we went out for a walk. We just set off from the house and walked and walked and walked. We were out for 3 hours and covered 7.5 miles. We went along a riverside, then along a lane, then struck out across a place called Holt Heath. We came to a marshy bit and the path went up onto wooden boards, and I went for an unexpected swim when I jumped off the boards into what I thought was a little puddle and found I was out of my depth! Then we came to a nice dry sandy bit of heath, and I had lots of fun digging holes and chasing leaves and bits of heather and stuff.

Then we came to a forest with very wet and muddy bits, and I got clarted with mud. I arrived home like that, and wasn’t allowed back in the house until Gramps had got a bowl of water and a J cloth and given me a wash!

Last Friday, when I climbed up onto Mum’s lap in the evening, there were dark mutterings from G&G about NOT BEING ALLOWED TO DO THAT AT THEIR HOUSE! However, I soon managed to turn that around this evening. They were watching a who-dunnit on tv, and when I tried to climb up they soon discovered it was much less hassle to let me come up than to try to keep me down! Hee hee .

Tue 18th – Today we went in Grampa’s car to West Moors Plantation. I remember coming here on Christmas Day. On that day we just went for a quick walk in the plantation. Today, though, we walked right through the plantation, then along an old railway line for about a mile. Then we went into a place called Moors Valley Country Park. We walked several miles through there till we came nearly to a place called Verwood.

On the way I had a bit of a rough and tumble with a dog that was a bit bigger and older than me. To begin with I had the upper hand, but then he got a bit too rough, and fortunately his Mum called him away. See picture. On the way back I saw some great big seagulls with very long necks on a lake. Grampa said these were swans, and told me not to even think of going anywhere near them, or they’d have my guts for garters. I wasn’t sure what this meant, but it doesn’t sound very nice. When we got back to the car Grampa said we’d walked 9¼ miles.

Now that the suitcases are out of Grampa’s car my bit in the back seems bigger than ever. There’s space for my basket and then as much space again behind that. It’s like having a bedsit! See picture. Dad, can we get a sensible car like this, please?

Wed 19th – Grannie was at home today, so we went for a bit of a girlie walk, and walked a lot slower than yesterday. We went to a place which is properly called Avon Heath Country Park South, but G&G just call it Boundary Lane. It was really nice here. There were woods and fields and hills, and nice sandy bits where I could dig holes. After a while, though, G&G thought I’d better stop, because the ranger might say I was causing something called erosion. Here’s a picture of me causing erosion.

In the evening, after we’d come back from my bedtime wee, I couldn’t find Gran, so I went to look for her. Here’s where I found her J. Hee hee. Going upstairs was another thing I was NOT GOING TO BE ALLOWED TO DO IN DORSET! Actually, Gramps used to egg me on a bit, and all week we had games of See Who Can Get Upstairs Fastest. He also used to play Chasing Me Round the Dining Room Table, Trying to Retrieve Gran's Slipper!

Thu 20th – Gran was back at work today, so Gramps and I went on a really long walk. Actually, a walk with Gramps is more like a route march. He doesn’t hang around much throwing sticks and things for me to chase. He says it’s too cold to hang around. Instead, he either walks quickly or else jogs. We drove to a place called Linford Bottom and started from there. I remember coming here once before, when I was only about 3½ months old, with one of Mum’s schoolfriends who had a dog called Molly. Mum’s friend, Alley, had a pushchair with her baby in it, so we didn’t go far that day, just a little walk along the riverside. Today though, for those readers with the OS maps, (Gramps has been teaching me map reading and navigation) our route was as follows. Starting from the car park at SU181072 (Linford Bottom) we went up the hill through Great Linford Enclosure onto Rockford Common, where I had a cautionary sniff at a couple of New Forest ponies (I’ve been warned not to get too close to them). Then across the road to Digden Bottom, across a boggy bit at Dockens Water, up onto Ibsley Common and along to Hasley Enclosure. Then across to Sloden Enclosure. At the far side of there we turned towards Holly Hatch cottage and started back towards the car. We’d come about 6 miles by then. It started to rain, so Grampa started running for a while. We walked through Holly Hatch Enclosure to Broomy Lodge, and then across Broomy Plain. From there we crossed over the road again into Milkham Enclosure. We walked through there to Red Shoot Wood, and thence into Great Linford Enclosure again, and ended up back at the car after 3½ hours and 11½ miles. Cor, what a brilliant walk.

Fri 21st – Today was Good Friday, and Gran was at home again. We went for a walk at a place called St Catherine Hill, near Christchurch. This is a lovely place for dogs. Lots of sandy bits and a few muddy bits. Big pine cones for the humans to throw for us. Rabbits to chase, etc. And a big deep pond too, but I was kept well away from that. Near there is where Uncle Peter got his blue motorbike.

Sat 22nd –It was very cold today. So cold that in the afternoon Gran decided to stay at home and make a dessert for tomorrow’s lunch. Gramps and I went for a brisk 8 mile walk in a place called Hurn Forest, near where he lives. On the way round we met four people on horseback and I impressed Gramps with my mature behaviour. I didn’t bark at them or chase them. I just came quietly back to him when he whistled. Oh yes, he’s got this clever trick of sticking two claws of his right hand into his mouth and making a sound like Mum and Dad’s whistle. I always came back to him when he did it, not just from a sense of duty but also because I was trying to find out how he did it. I can’t do that. But then, he says he can’t lick his willie.
Gramps gave me a pair of his old trainers to play with. Here am I playing with one of them.

Sun 23rd – Lots of exciting things happened today. The first was that instead of just going to the local field for our early morning walk Gramps took me to Boundary Lane, where we went on Wednesday. Today, though, we went for a much longer walk. We were out for about an hour. We were almost back at the car when Gramps found a big long rope hanging from a tree with a thing called a trapeze on the end. He grabbed hold of it and started swinging to and fro. I thought this was very odd and pranced around and barked at him. Then it started to rain, so we dashed back to his car and came home. The next exciting thing was that Gramps went off in the car and came back a short while later with HIS Mum, who looked quite like him but a bit older and smaller, and with more hair on her head. Gramps said I must be careful not to knock her over, because she’s nearly 12 years old in doggy years, and getting a bit unsteady on her paws.
The next, really, really exciting thing to happen was that Dad and Mum turned up. I was so pleased to see them that I bounded up to Mum to give her my most enthusiastic welcome. She said “Hello Rufus, oh, ow!” and winced with pain. Apparently she hurt her back while she was away, doing this snowboarding thing. Dad had hurt himself too. He’d fallen over and banged his shoulder. I wonder if he was trying to rub it in fox poo? Hmm, no, probably not. He didn’t smell of fox poo.
The final exciting thing that happened was that I had roast pork for Sunday lunch today. So did Dad. That’s a bit of a treat for both of us. Mum’s a vegetable, so Dad and I don’t often get real meat to eat. Actually, the fresh country Dorset air has really given me an appetite this week. No picking around with my food like I sometimes do at home. I've been wolfing down every meal straight away.
After lunch Mum, Dad and I went for a final walk in Dorset, to Boundary Lane again. Poor Mum was hobbling a bit, and Dad couldn’t throw sticks for me, but Gramps was charging round like a puppy, playing with me and rolling pine cones down this really steep hill for me to chase.
After the walk the humans all had a cup of tea and then it was time to go home to Hove. I wasn’t too keen on getting into Dad’s tiny car, but eventually condescended to jump in, and off we went.

What a great week it was. I hope I’ve behaved myself well enough to get invited back again. I think they’ve got a bit of a soft spot for me. Gramps says he’d like to take me caravanning sometime. I saw their caravan. It's a little house on wheels that you can take to nice places in the countryside, so that you can go for walks without having to get into the car first.