Friday, 15 February 2008

Peter and Poo

Yesterday I had a great day. I went out all day with my Uncle Peter for a long walk. I like Uncle Peter coz he lets me roll in fox poo. At least, 'lets' may not be the word...I don't think he realised till it was 'too late' what I was doing. Hehehehe.

I really really smelt good although Uncle Peter didn't like the smell and knew that mum wouldn't either if he took me home like that. So unfortunately we had to go to his house and he gave me a bath. Luckily he didn't have any doggy shampoo so the water alone didn't do anything! Yipee!

I was taken back home still all lovely and smelly to see mum. I was shoved in to the shower and scrubbed with my doggy shampoo but it still didn't make much of a difference! That must have been some good poo.

Fox poo rules.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Cows and The Enchanted Forest

Today some strange things happened on my walk. We were up on the Downs (still can't work that one out) and I found a really nice swimming pool to practice in. Just as I was getting in to it some strange animals came to watch me. Mum said they were called 'cows'. They looked a bit like horses but were fatter. Anyway, turns out I was swimming in their drinking bowl and this probably really annoyed them.

Mum told me to stand very still so that they wouldn't notice me.

Once I'd sneaked out of the cows' drinking bowl we continued on the walk and met another cow. However, this cow I was allowed to say hello to and even kiss. It was smaller than the other cows...maybe it was a baby cow.

Then we went to The Enchanted Forest where more strange things happened.

Dad found a stick that was tied to a tree. He hung on to it and flew around in the air whilst mum giggled incessantly. This was quite scary and just wrong. How are you supposed to chase a stick when it is tied to a tree? I wuffed a lot at Dad and tried to rescue him.

Whooooooooooaaaaaah this forest is making me feel queasy.

Still, managed to find time for the obligatory photo shoot pose. Maybe this forest isn't so bad after all - it seems to provide a good backdrop for poses don't you think.