Sunday, 6 April 2008

Don't eat yellow snow

Today I got to experience some Hungarian weather. It's very confusing because a couple of days ago, Mum was telling me that it was now summer and that it would be lovely and warm. Turns out she was lying as today it was so cold I had to wear my scarf and there was this strange stuff on the ground called snow. Where has the beach gone?

Everyone was building these things called 'snowmen' and all the dogs were helping by giving the snowmen yellow trousers. Here I am helping to make a 'snowman'. I wasn't allowed to post the photo of me giving him yellow trousers.

Also I have a new friend. She is called Zeab (pronounced Zee-buh) which means 'beautiful' in Persian. She has the same dad as Hamish and the same Mum as Ziggi. Mum thinks she's gorgeous and I must admit I quite like her as well. We had great fun playing in the snow together today.

I did have to tell her off at one point though as she tried to nick my snowball.

I like the snow. Dad never normally plays like this with me. I think the snow made everyone a bit mad! My friend Murdoch comes along at the end of this video. He is used to snow as he is a mountain dog. I was so tired after playing in the snow today, I'm off to bed now. I hope it snows again tomorrow.