Thursday, 22 May 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my first birthday! Mum says she can't believe I am a year old. I've heard the saying 'time flies when you're having fun' so I think she must mean the same thing. I've done a lot since I was born: been to school, made lots of friends, made a few enemies, learnt to swim and done some work for charity.

I've been reminiscing about my first year and looking back through some old photos and I've noticed something is not quite right. Can you spot the difference in these 2 photos?

The answer is a) My bowl has shrunk or b) My bowl has shrunk A LOT!

Perhaps Mum will buy me a bigger bowl for my birthday.

Happy birthday to the rest of my litter mates.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

I do a Sponsored Walk with Grandpa!

What a really lucky dog I am sometimes! Just over a week ago (on Thu 8th May) Mum and Dad went to Majorca for a short holiday, and had 5 days of continuous rain. I, meantime, went to Gran’s in Dorset, and had 5 days of wall-to-wall sunshine, with lots of long walks and swimming, and games of Chase-Grandpa-Up-and-Down-the-Stairs. This is a picture of me waking Grannie up in the morning and showing her my favourite toy, and below is a picture of me ripping up an old sponge :-).

On Sunday the 11th Gramps and I did a 16 mile sponsored walk, from Hengistbury Head to Swanage. This was for something called Water Aid, which provides fresh drinking water for people in Africa, so that they don’t have to drink water from muddy puddles and rivers. Odd, that! I actually much prefer to drink from muddy puddles and rivers. Much nicer than chlorine flavoured tap water! You humans have funny ideas, sometimes :-). Here’s a picture of me checking he’s got his laces tied properly.

Here's a pictue of us setting off, just after 10am. We walked along the promenade to Sandbanks, 10 miles away. I was supposed to be on the lead really, but I’m so well behaved these days that Gramps let me stay off the lead most of the way :-). It was a gloriously sunny day and at Bournemouth Pier the beach was heaving with people, and I thought of poor Mum and Dad in the pouring rain in Majorca :-(.
We reached Sandbanks at 1pm, and went on the ferry across to Shell Bay. That was exciting. I don’t think I’ve been on a ferry before. We walked for another half hour or so and then stopped for lunch on Studland Beach. There were loads of people there with nothing on. Grandpa went into the sea in the nude, but I was much more modest and kept my collar on! After our swim we sat at the back of the beach and I did some digging, thereby making sure there was plenty of sand in Grandpa’s sandwich!

Grandpa had set himself a challenge to be in Swanage before 4pm, and we actually ended up jogging most of the last mile or so to achieve this. He’s mad! Phew, I was glad to reach the finish and have a well earned rest.

On Monday I thought Grandpa might be tired, and stiff legged from our walk, but no, he was raring to go out again, so in the afternoon we went for a lovely 3 hour walk in the Christchurch Harbour and Hengistbury Head area. This is me posing by the River Stour at Tuckton, and, below, a video of me swimming further downstream, in the harbour.

Near the beach huts at Hengistbury Head we bumped into my vizsla friend Goulash, and she and I had a little game, and dopey Grandpa forgot to take a photo of us! After that he went into the sea for a swim and I did some more sandblasting of his rucksack and clothes. On the way back to the car I jumped into a really muddy ditch for a drink of nice muddy water, and got covered in mud, so I had to go back into the river to get cleaned up again. What a lovely day!

Mum and Dad came back from Majorca the following day, and we had a bbq in G&G's garden. Here’s a picture of Grandpa and me in the garden. After the bbq Mum, Dad and I went home. Mum and Dad went out to a concert in the evening. They felt a bit bad about leaving me on my own, but actually, I was quite glad. I was exhausted after my long weekend, and was looking forward to a quiet evening in!

Monday, 5 May 2008

Ruffy and Rafus

Today I had a great day. Mum arranged to meet another Vizsla and we went on my favourite walk with him. He is called Raffy and he is also from Gunfield Vizslas. He is only 5 months old but was nearly as big as me.

I like being with another Vizsla coz it means mum and dad get confused about which one I am and I can get up to mischief for a bit longer than normal before they realise what's happening. All the humans kept getting us mixed up, then even started calling us 'Rafus' and 'Ruffy'.

Mum had told me beforehand that Raffy had never been swimming before and that I had to teach him to swim in my favourite pond. He was a quick learner and was not scared of the water at all.

At first he swam like I used to - with his front legs in the air and making lots of splashing. But then he got better and kept his legs below the water.

Is this better Rufus?

We were so busy concentrating on swimming that we both forgot how to fetch, so Raffy's human brother, Taylor, had to go in the pond and fetch the orange frisbee for us. He also kept his front legs above the water but didn't make so much splashing as Raffy did.

Then, Raffy returned the teaching favour by teaching me how to roll in poo properly. I love rolling in poo but normally just roll in small bits. Raffy showed me a whole new level of poo rolling by launching himself into a lovely squidgy cow pat that was nearly as big as him. As it was really warm today, the poo was lovely and smelly.

This is Raffy telling me how good we now smell. Look at what a poo rolling master he is - it's ALL over his back and legs.

Then we showed the holiday trippers how good we smelt by running over and rubbing ourselves against them. I think the guy on the end's thinking "Mmmm those dogs smell goooood".

I loved my day with Raffy and we got on well, teaching each other stuff and having fun. Hope to see you again soon Raffy!