Sunday, 20 July 2008

Summer fun

Hi all, sorry I haven't been around for a while. Mum keeps forgetting to take the camera out on our walks. She took it today though and we've been meaning to get these shots for a while now. Up on the Downs, on my favourite walk, a nice farmer has grown some cool plants for me to run and bounce through. I LOVE it!

They're almost as tall as me so I can hide from mum. I have to keep popping up though otherwise I get lost. Where's she gone...?

Mum throws stones from the path into the field and I love bouncing around chasing them.

I'm thinking of changing my name to Tigger. Wee-heeeeee.

Or Dumbo...

You have to be careful the spikey bits don't go up your nose. A big sneeze afterwards should sort that out. I'm knackered now!