Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A walk on the Downs and a week in Dorset

Hi Everyone. Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently. I spent a week in Dorset and ever since have been trying to get Grandpa to help me do my blog. Here's our update, at long last.

Saturday 2nd August
I went for a 10 mile walk along the South Downs Way with Uncle Peter, Grandpa Pimley, and three of Grandpa’s friends who are going to Nepal with him in November. Oh, and two other dogs too, a labrador and a miniature schnauzer. I barked at them quite a bit to begin with, to show them who was boss! Here’s the team photo, and a picture of us setting off into the mist.

We walked from Ditchling Beacon to Devil’s Dyke, where Mum and Dad joined us, and then walked on to Upper Beeding. The first bit is my favourite walk, and I was able to show everyone the big lake and the doggy dip pool. Here’s another couple of pictures from the walk.

After the walk Grandpa told me they had their caravan close by, and asked me if I’d like to stay with them there tonight, and then go back to Dorset with them tomorrow and stay for a week. Cor, wouldn’t I just! As you can see in the picture, at the caravan I soon settled down on their comfy cushions with a cup of coffee and tot of whisky! At bedtime though, I was relegated to the back of their car, as it is only a 2 berth caravan.

Sunday 3rd August.
I went back with G+G to their house in West Moors. To begin with it felt odd, being in the back of their car with the caravan behind. It felt like some lunatic HGV driver was about to run us down, but I soon got used to it, and settled down to sleep.

Monday 4th August
Grandpa and I went to visit a couple of his folk club chums. That was good fun. In their garden I found a seagull’s skull, and picked it up and pranced round the garden playing “Yah-boo, can’t catch me”, much to his friends’ amusement. It’s just as well I didn’t damage it though. Apparently it’s their pride and joy. Hmm, funny lot, you humans.

Tuesday 5th August
It was very wet in the morning. Grandpa took me for walk in the afternoon on a place called Ferndown Common, near where they live. He thought that was a good place to go, because the soil is fairly sandy and drains well, and so isn’t muddy. I thought it was a boring place to go, for the very same reason!

Wednesday 6th August.
Today Gran was at home and we went for a walk at Linford Bottom, where we’ve been before. This was more like it. Lots of muddy puddles here to splash around in! And a river to get clean in, afterwards, before getting back into the car, so everyone was happy.

Thursday 7th August.
Grandpa and I collected Gran from work at 3.30 and went to Hengistbury Head. Here’s a pic of Gran and me on the beach, and a pic of Grandpa trying to teach me to skim stones. Apparently even HIS Mum, who is 86, still likes to skim stones.

Friday 8th August.
Went to HH again, with Grandpa. He took his beach tent, and while he sat in his tent eating his lunch, I ran around digging big holes and flicking sand everywhere. We had a swim, and while we were swimming two men came along with two labradors. The men were throwing pretend dead pigeons into the sea for the dogs to retrieve. I wanted to join in and see if I could get to the pigeons first, but Grandpa said I ought not to, because the dogs were being trained. Huh, fancy having to be trained to fetch things back! What sort of dumb dogs were they!

In the evening I had a pleasant surprise when Mum turned up. Here’s a pic of me letting her share a bit of G+G’s sofa. I’m good that way.

Saturday 9th August.
We (Mum, Grandpa and I) went HH yet again this morning. This time, though, we met up with my half brother, Charlie, and his friend Radar. We did lots of macho barking at each other when we met. The weather today was wet and windy, but that didn’t stop us all having a good time. Here's a picture of Radar's Dad, John, throwing a stick for us, and a couple of videos.

This afternoon I came dashing down the stairs, with Mum in hot pursuit. No wonder, I’d pinched a £5 note off her bed, and was running round with it in my mouth. Ha ha! I teased them for a while, then let them have it back.

Finally, here's a video of me greeting Gran in the morning, and then lying on her bed cleaning my bum. If you look carefully you'll see that at one point it looks like she's scratching my testicles!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Mini Viz Whiz

Last saturday me and Raffy organised a mini viz whiz near Raffy's home. There were 5 of us, from left to right: Rosie, me, Mac, Bud and Raffy. Mac and Bud are brothers and were from Scotland but now live in Surrey.

We weren't allowed in the big lake as there were things called 'endangered dragonflies' in there but the nice park rangers had made a 'doggy dip pool' for us to swim in. Raffy's swimming had come on really well since we last met. We had lots of fun swimming but recently I've become a bit obsessed by 'apple bobbing' with my ball. It's cool coz you can splash around lots and get nice
and muddy.

Mum thought Mac and Bud were really nice dogs so I had to tell them off and make sure everyone knew I was the boss.

Then, a black labrador had the cheek to try and join in our viz whizz so we had to chase him off.

We all enjoyed our day and mum says we can do another one soon.

On another note, mum met someone the other day that said that once you own a vizsla you never have to go to the toilet on your own again. Mum thought this was funny but i don't know why. She's always there when I go to the toilet so I'm only returning the favour, don't you think?