Monday, 6 October 2008

Viz Whizz round 2

On Saturday me and my mate Raffy organised another Viz Whizz. This time there was me, Mac, Bud, Raffy, Rubik and Diva. Diva was the only girl and she was only 6 months old. We were all very gentleman-ly with her.

At first I made sure I gave Mac and Bud a good telling off again, for being so handsome. This time I woofed slower as apparently they couldn't understand my southern accent last time. But they still didn't understand me so I just woofed louder.

We ventured carefully in to the water. I'd heard an old trick that if you follow the scent of the bum in front, you won't get lost. Oi, Raffy, get back in line!

While Bud and Raffy had a drink, I paddled out to see what these 'duck' creatures are all about. They seemed pretty boring and none of us were interested in them.

Mac and Raffy were mesmerised by my impression of a carp.

Mac told me there was a lovely tasty fish just below the water but I think really he was just trying to push me in, to get me back for telling him off.

We all REALLY liked Rubik and chased him around all afternoon. Mac liked to play piggy back with him and I kept nuzzling his ears. He tried to scare us off with his robo-dog eyes but that just made us like him even more.

Here we are frolicking with Rubik in the long grass. Diva was trying to round us up like a sheep dog but unfortunately she round us right into Mum so the video ended there! I was very sleepy when I got home and spent all evening dreaming of Rubik.