Saturday, 15 November 2008

Tree Vizslas

I've been staying at grandma and grandpa's for a few weeks as mum went to a place called Borneo. She went to see some animals...i can't remember what she called them but I think they must be related to us Vizslas. They have longer, wirey hair and can climb trees. They look a bit like a cross between a human and a Vizsla. Very strange. I think they must be called wire-haired tree Vizslas.

The hair is definitely the same colour and they have 4 legs. The poor things don't have as handsome a face as us English land Vizslas but I reckon the fact they can climb trees makes up for that. Imagine if we could climb trees...I could catch those damn squirrels then.

I reckon this one is waiting for his belly to be rubbed, just like I do. Perhaps mum will get one as a brother or sister for me then I can send it up the trees to catch the squirrels when we're out on a walk together. Anyone else ever heard of this strange species of Vizsla?