Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The best Viz Whizz ever

On Sunday I went on the best Viz Whizz ever. The reason it was so good was because there was a 'sheepzsla' on it and we were allowed to chase it! Mum said it was called a 'wire-haired vizsla'. I don't care what it was called - it looked like a sheep to me! The only thing that made me think maybe it was a dog was that it liked to chase sticks and I've never seen sheep do that.

Here's a picture of us chasing Oakley, the Sheepzsla.

I like Oakley. I hope he can come on every Viz Whizz!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Holiday in Dorset

I've just returned from a fortnight's holiday at my Gran's in Dorset. As always, I had a great time there. Grannie and Grampa spoil me rotten. I've discovered that if I go up to their bedroom while they're having breakfast and lie down on their bed and pretend to be asleep, Gran doesn't have the heart to wake me up, and leaves me there when she goes off to work. Mum reckons I've got them right under my dew claw :-).

One day they bought me a big boney thing, called a knuckle. It was a bit greasy and smelly so I wasn't allowed to have it in the house. It was so big that they chopped it into four pieces, so I wouldn't eat too much in one go and have the runs. Here I am chewing it in the garden.

In the mornings Grampa and I go for a walk in his local field. The farmer has cut the grass and put it into big black sacks. Grampa likes to use them for target practice with my ball launcher. He's not very good at it, which means we spend ages down there while he practises, and then we have to rush back home when he realises he's going to be late for work :-).

Here he is taking aim -

... and here's where he threw it - way off target!

The weather was brilliant while I was there. Much better than it's been at home this summer. Gramps and I have been paddling and swimming and generally having lots of fun in the sea and River Stour. One day he lost my lead somewhere on the beach, and for the next couple of days I had to make do with a keyclip on the end of a piece of washing line. How embarrassing. I was half expecting to find myself on a street corner with him, selling The Big Issue :-(.

Here are some more photos -

Grampa's beach tent at Hengistbury Head

In the sea at Hengistbury Head

Posing at Hengistbury Head

In the River Stour near Longham Bridge

In the River Stour near Canford Bottom

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Boys' weekend

Mum and Dad were away this weekend so I got to hang out with Uncle Peter. We went in his cool sports car and met up with lots of other people who had the same car.

We weren't allowed the roof down as I don't have any goggles yet. Perhaps Uncle Peter will buy me some for next time.

It was very tiring hanging out in the sports car, looking cool. There's no bed for me to lie in so I have to sit up front. Sometimes I even try and help Uncle Peter drive as I think he must get tired too.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Monday, 25 May 2009

My 2nd Birthday

I had my 2nd birthday on Friday and I've had a lovely weekend with Mum and Dad. They even took today off work to have a longer weekend with me.

I got 2 new balls for my birthday - not the type I lost last year but even better, squeaky ones. Here are some photos of me playing with them.

Time for a spot of sunbathing...

Can I go swimming now Mum?

I like birthdays Mum. Any chance I could have one every week?

I also like to spend my birthday looking at modern art. There is a new sculpture on the Downs that looks like a giant mirror. Can you see me in it?

It's pretty cool, mostly because it meant there was 2 of me.

But the best thing about my birthday was that we went sea-kayaking with Raffy and his family. I really enjoyed this but didn't think it was fair that I should have to swim along side Mum and Dad whilst they relaxed. Especially as it was MY birthday. So I told them off and took my place as cox and told them which way to paddle.

I got bored with that as well though and decided it was much better to sit on Mum's lap and have a cuddle.

Raffy decided he preferred swimming alongside which was a good call as his Mum and Dad fell off their kayak.

I hope we can go kayaking again soon. Perhaps instead of a Viz Whizz we can have a Viz-kayak race!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Now we are six

Today my cat sisters are six years old. That is 3 times as old as me. That means they are much wiser and clever than me. So Mum says.

Suki is the grey one. She is the boss. Coco is the brown one. She is second in command in the house. Then Mum, then me then Dad. (Dad thinks he is before me but I dispute that).

Suki is not to be messed with. She is a biker chick. I like Suki A LOT. When I first came to live with them she was scared of me but now we are best friends.

Coco is much more sophisticated and likes wearing Mum's pretty shoes and going on picnics.

I really like Coco as well but she's not so keen on me. I think it's coz Suki was her best friend and now I have stolen her.

Sometimes (in fact a lot of the time) I get really annoyed with the cats and whine non-stop. It drives me mad that they can get to places that I can't (or at least I'm not allowed).

Sometimes they pretend to be statues and spy on me. I guess they are cleverer than me after all. Perhaps when I'm six I'll be that clever. Happy Birthday Coco and Suki.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Birthday Invitation

Viz Whizz 31st May 2009

In a few weeks I will be 2 years old. Mum has said I can organise my own birthday party so please join me on Sunday 31st May at 1pm at Nymans Gardens.

Here are some links to where it is,-0.19841|12|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:51.05059:-0.19841:16|RH17%206EB|RH17%206EB

Mum says it is just south of Crawley and is signposted off the M23 to the east. We'll meet in the car park at 1pm.

Hope to see you there!

Love rufus

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Devils Dyke Viz Whizz

Today my friends came to Brighton to go on a Whizz on one of my regular walks. There was (l-r) Bud, Mac, Raffy, Rubik, Me and Diva.

Rubik's dad was carrying a little person in a carrier like Mum used to carry me in when I was very little. I guess she hadn't had all her injections yet so couldn't go on the ground. 

Raffy's human brother could climb trees, which is a very useful skill to have. We watched carefully to see how he did it.
We did some swimming in the lake. Here are Bud and Raffy waiting to grab the stick off me and pretend they fetched it, cheeky monkeys!

On all our previous walks I wanted to form 'relationships' with Rubik. However since my balls have gone missing (still can't figure out where they've gone) I don't want to have relationships with other dogs. Instead I just barked at Rubik and Mum kept telling me to 'Ssssh'.

Humans are strange. They like to walk in lines and take it in turns to bark very quietly at each other. Raffy's human brothers are much more fun. They ran up and down the slopes with us.

What a great day I had. See you all soon!