Saturday, 28 February 2009

Devils Dyke Viz Whizz

Today my friends came to Brighton to go on a Whizz on one of my regular walks. There was (l-r) Bud, Mac, Raffy, Rubik, Me and Diva.

Rubik's dad was carrying a little person in a carrier like Mum used to carry me in when I was very little. I guess she hadn't had all her injections yet so couldn't go on the ground. 

Raffy's human brother could climb trees, which is a very useful skill to have. We watched carefully to see how he did it.
We did some swimming in the lake. Here are Bud and Raffy waiting to grab the stick off me and pretend they fetched it, cheeky monkeys!

On all our previous walks I wanted to form 'relationships' with Rubik. However since my balls have gone missing (still can't figure out where they've gone) I don't want to have relationships with other dogs. Instead I just barked at Rubik and Mum kept telling me to 'Ssssh'.

Humans are strange. They like to walk in lines and take it in turns to bark very quietly at each other. Raffy's human brothers are much more fun. They ran up and down the slopes with us.

What a great day I had. See you all soon!