Monday, 21 September 2009

Holiday in Dorset

I've just returned from a fortnight's holiday at my Gran's in Dorset. As always, I had a great time there. Grannie and Grampa spoil me rotten. I've discovered that if I go up to their bedroom while they're having breakfast and lie down on their bed and pretend to be asleep, Gran doesn't have the heart to wake me up, and leaves me there when she goes off to work. Mum reckons I've got them right under my dew claw :-).

One day they bought me a big boney thing, called a knuckle. It was a bit greasy and smelly so I wasn't allowed to have it in the house. It was so big that they chopped it into four pieces, so I wouldn't eat too much in one go and have the runs. Here I am chewing it in the garden.

In the mornings Grampa and I go for a walk in his local field. The farmer has cut the grass and put it into big black sacks. Grampa likes to use them for target practice with my ball launcher. He's not very good at it, which means we spend ages down there while he practises, and then we have to rush back home when he realises he's going to be late for work :-).

Here he is taking aim -

... and here's where he threw it - way off target!

The weather was brilliant while I was there. Much better than it's been at home this summer. Gramps and I have been paddling and swimming and generally having lots of fun in the sea and River Stour. One day he lost my lead somewhere on the beach, and for the next couple of days I had to make do with a keyclip on the end of a piece of washing line. How embarrassing. I was half expecting to find myself on a street corner with him, selling The Big Issue :-(.

Here are some more photos -

Grampa's beach tent at Hengistbury Head

In the sea at Hengistbury Head

Posing at Hengistbury Head

In the River Stour near Longham Bridge

In the River Stour near Canford Bottom