Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The kids

I forgot to tell you, I also have a new sister called Lilah. I LOVE Lilah but I don't know if she likes me. She keeps running up to me and hitting me on the nose. Next thing, she's chasing my tail.

Chilli has taken a liking to my bed. I'm having to put up with a lot since the new kids arrived.

Mum says I'm being very gentle and patient. Hey Chilli, is there room for me in there as well?


Amanda said...

Aww...what a cute family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rufus ... your half bro Bennet here. Loving the photos of your new sister, Chilli. She looks a stunner - you will have to look out for her and keep all those boys at bay!

Charlie said...

Hey Rufus - I share your pain with puppies - we just had my grandma's new pup to stay and she kept stealing my bed too. I had to sleep in her bed and it made me look quite ridiculous as I didn't really fit in.