Monday, 26 April 2010

A boy's day out

On Sunday I went on a Viz Whizz with 9 other males! Being all boys, we had to put a competitive edge on the day and it became the 'Men's Viz Whizz Games.'

Otto won the prize for 'longest tongue'.

Otto's Dad won the prize for 'biggest stick', (bet he couldn't carry it in his mouth though).

Raffy's been a bit more feminine since his 'op' and was in a category of his own for baton (stick) twirling.

We then bumped in to a girl called Indy and she tried to steal my prize for 'best flying dog' but was disqualified as she was a girl.

I wasn't allowed to enter the category of 'most dominant entire male' for some reason, so I stood by and judged. And the winner is...

Maybe next time some girls will come, if only to give Raffy a run for his money in the 'stick twirling' competition.

The winners' line up (l-r) Rubik, me, Oakley, Raffy, Bud, Mac, Otto, Monty.